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Audit Trail Capability

What is an audit trail?

We keep a record of who has used our courses by recognising the log in details of our learners. This enables us to see who has completed the tests we provide at the end of each course, and whether they passed or failed, by what percentage they achieved. We can also determine how far a person got within a course if the tests were not completed. The audit trail is the database we keep of this information. This information is exclusive to subscribing parties and cannot be viewed by anyone else. To recognise you and your employees, we will provide you with a unique company code once you have signed up to a subscription.

Why is this useful for me?

Our audit trail capability allows you to have a key record of exactly who has taken part in the training. This will be useful for employers to keep track of staff members who are using our training courses as part of the learning for their job. We can provide accurate and regular accounts of your employees, to ease the admin collection of results and also to ease the re-training procedure if an employee were to fail. This can be a useful resource for your Human Resource department, other management or for third party training requirements, such as CPC training.

The audit trail is also beneficial for you in terms of employment law. You will have a tangible record of each of your employee’s training procedure. This can easily be referred back to, if there were any issues to arise or if claims were made against your company. We provide a useful resource for your company, which will be on file as evidence if the necessity arose to use the information in this way.

Below is an example of our audit trail and the information we will provide for you. The information is filterable so as to provide you with various options to view your results.

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Please click on the "Demo" below to try our Audit Trail Panel. Most of the options are active and available with some restricted access.

How can I start using the audit trail?

Although we offer all courses and learning materials for free, we do charge an annual payment fee for the use of our audit trail facility. This is a small fee, which we will use to cover our admin fees and to keep developing and updating this procedure.

For more information on the use of our audit trail facility or to start using it for your company, please contact us:


We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to train your employees to a substantial level of learning in relation to security issues linked to your business.