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Cues for Deception
What is the psychology of deception? Can you tell if someone is lying? We have explored nonverbal cues for deception, looking at body language for detecting lying or deception. This course has been formulated to provide an insight into the psychological aspects relating to deception and involuntary physical indicators when a person is lying.

online course - cues for deception
Memory Improvement Skills
Do you have trouble remembering details? Do you wish you could remember more things? Well this short course could be just for you! We will show you useful techniques for remembering more information, which are easy and everyone can use.

online course - memory improvement skills
Observational Skills
Do you think you have good observational skills? Do you think you take notice of the details happening around you?
Well take our short observation tests to see if you do...

online course - Observation Skills
Risk and Security Awareness
Risk and security awareness are two fundamental areas you should be aware of in your business. It helps aid towards the protection of two of your most important assets; your staff and your equipment/goods.

online course - risk and security awareness
Scam Awareness
Scams come in many shapes and forms. They affect millions of Britons every year and lose them billions of pounds.The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) defines a scam as “a misleading or deceptive business practice where you receive an unsolicited or uninvited contact and false promises are made to con you out of money” (

online course - scam awareness