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Transport / Logistics
Lorry Hijacking
The aim of this course is to supply a basic understanding of the risk of lorry hijack and provide methods of staying safe in the event of a hijack situation. The course has been supplied to a significant number of UK transport and logistics companies.

online course - hijacking
Theft by Deception
Preventing driver confidence tricks, or cons: This online course relates to 'Theft by Deception'. This type of deception is also commonly known as Diversion Theft or "The Corner Game".

online course - diversion theft

Security & Protection
Display Screen Equipment
The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations came into force on 1st January 1993 (some minor changes were made in 2002). They seek to protect the health of workers by reducing risks from VDU work.

online course - display screen equipment
Living with Confidence
Living with confidence is a video based, informative course aimed at providing safety awareness for women, although the tips and information provided can be used by men too.

online course - Living with Confidence
Lone Workers
The HSE defines lone workers as those members of staff who “work by themselves without close or direct supervision” ( This could be for part or all of the person’s working day and is when they do not have the immediate back up of a colleague.

online course - Lone Workers
Manual Handling
This course has been provided to ensure that persons understand the risk factors involved in manual handling in the office and how to carry out good handling technique, in compliance with The Manual Handling Operations Regulations, 1992 (as amended 2002).

online course - manual handling
Personal Safety
Personal safety is an important issue for anyone in their everyday life. However, it is even more of a predominant issue for tourists visiting cities and countries, in which they are unfamiliar.

online course - personal safety
Robbery Response
The Robbery Response course has been developed to assist in the prevention of robbery and minimise the risk of personal injury during a robbery situation.

online course - robbery response

Your Security
Cues for Deception
What is the psychology of deception? Can you tell if someone is lying? We have explored nonverbal cues for deception, looking at body language for detecting lying or deception. This course has been formulated to provide an insight into the psychological aspects relating to deception and involuntary physical indicators when a person is lying.

online course - cues for deception
Memory Improvement Skills
Do you have trouble remembering details? Do you wish you could remember more things? Well this short course could be just for you! We will show you useful techniques for remembering more information, which are easy and everyone can use.

online course - memory improvement skills
Observational Skills
Do you think you have good observational skills? Do you think you take notice of the details happening around you?
Well take our short observation tests to see if you do...

online course - Observation Skills
Risk and Security Awareness
Risk and security awareness are two fundamental areas you should be aware of in your business. It helps aid towards the protection of two of your most important assets; your staff and your equipment/goods.

online course - risk and security awareness
Scam Awareness
Scams come in many shapes and forms. They affect millions of Britons every year and lose them billions of pounds.The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) defines a scam as “a misleading or deceptive business practice where you receive an unsolicited or uninvited contact and false promises are made to con you out of money” (

online course - scam awareness

Security Skills
Conflict Management
What is conflict management? What is conflict resolution? Our conflict training course relating to conflict and dispute will provide the solutions. The course covers the varying factors that could cause conflict in the workplace and responding to conflict.

online course - conflict management
Conflict on the Telephone
Telephone calls are a part of most people’s everyday working life. It would therefore be expected that at some point you will come across a difficult, conflict-driven telephone call. The question is would you know how to handle it?

online course - conflict on Telephone
Statement Taking
Did you know that taking a written statement after an incident is still the most effective way to record a person's version of events? This course will explain to you why it is so effective and exactly how to take a statement so that an account is accurately recorded.

online course - statement taking
Stress Management
What is stress management at work? Upon completion of this course the participant will be aware of the causes and symptoms of stress and how to reduce stress at work. This course is recommended for supervisory and management staff for identifying a methodology for coping with stress at work.

online course - stress management
Substance Abuse
This substance abuse training course has been developed to promote an understanding of alcohol and drug abuse and how it may impact the working environment.

online course - substance abouse
This course will focus on surveillance being used for monitoring the actions of people of interest. The course will aim to show the fundamentals of covert surveillance, which is used to gather evidence towards some form of a ‘case’.

online course - surveillance