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Brits among most bullied workers in the world
January 08, 2012 - By The Sunday Mirror

A study by the recruitment website Monster, has found that 7 out of 10 British workers confess to being bullied by a colleague or their boss.

Monster conducted the study in 53 countries and found that overall 64% of people had been bullied at work.

The study highlights how widespread bullying is and employers should be aware that it can not only affect the employee's morale but that this can also affect the company's bottom line.
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Doctor's record 4.5m payout - enough for 210 nurses' salaries, but settlement 'will damage jobs and patient care'
December 17, 2011 - By Paul Sims, The Daily Mail

Dr Eva Michalak won an employment tribunal after she was bullied out of her job as a consultant physician for having a baby.

Dr Michalak suffered 5 years of bullying and harrassment "from colleagues and senior staff at Pontefract General Infirmary in 2003 after she went on maternity leave".

Health unions are now worried that the record payment will "deepen the financial crisis for the Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals NHS trust", which may affect patient care.
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'Growling bullying boss sent New Star crashing to 18bn disaster'
November 10, 2011 - By Lynn Davidson, The Daily Mail

John Duffield, the founder and chief executive of New Star Assest Management, has been blamed for the collapse of the company due to his bullying and unreasonable behaviour.

Patrick Evershed is suing Duffield and the company for an undisclosed amount on the grounds that he believes he was forced out of the company after he complained of bullying.

Duffield is said to have called his staff "morons and criminals", which he denies. The case is set to continue.
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Gay postman stole 3,000 items after bullying
July 20, 2011 - By The Telegraph

A postman, who had worked for the Royal Mail for over 10 years, admitted stealing over 3,000 mail items.

He explained to magistrates he did this because "he couldn't cope with the pressures of work as he was victimised for his sexuality".

He has since resigned from the Royal Mail and he has been sentenced by magistrates to '80 hours unpaid community work' as well as being ordered to pay some compensation costs.
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MDs in small businesses need to stop spending time dealing with HR issues
March 16, 2011 - By David Woods, HR Magazine

A recent CIPD survey has found that workplace conflict has risen during the recession.

This has caused more MDs of smaller business to be spending more time dealing with these conflict issues rather than dealing with the general running of the business.

This has therefore seen the need for all departments of an organisation to work together to get to the bottom of what is causing the conflict rather than just trying to reduce it.
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How much is workplace conflict costing UK companies?
January 17, 2011 - By Personnel Today

The BBC allegedly paid out almost 600,000 last year (2010) in dealing with employment tribunal claims.

This has highlighted the vast amount of money British companies spend when dealing with conflict in the workplace

There is also the added cost of time and other expenditures, which are also incurred when dealing with workplace conflict.
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Bullying at Work - NHS
By the NHS

Advice on what to do if you are being bullied at work.

Information on the effect bullying can have on you.

Guidance on the steps you can take to deal with your bullies.
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Managing Conflict at Work - ACAS

A booklet containing information about conflict at work and what to do about it.

Examples of what could be causing the conflict.

Advice on how to manage conflict, which is occurring within an organisation.
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Conflict Management - Wikipedia
By Wikipedia

Wikipedia entry, giving an explanation as to what conflict management means.
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