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Angry customers are abusing staff over rising prices, admits boss of British Gas
January 16, 2012 - By Claire Ellicott, The Daily Mail

Customers who are frustrated with the cost of paying for gas and electricity are increasingly taking their anger out on the call centre staff who work for British Gas.

This comes after British Gas has not followed what other energy companies have done, by decreasing the cost of its gas and electricity due to a 'fall in wholesale gas prices'.

The GMB union, which represents British Gas staff, has said that 'the problem is getting worse' and it is 'the staff on the front line who bear the brunt' of customers anger.
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999 operator sacked after bungled emergency calls
October 25, 2011 - By The Telegraph

A 58-year-old man who worked at Bow Central Command mishandled 141 emergency calls between the period of 01.05.09 - 26.07.09 and out of these, 19 comprised of gross misconduct.

The man failed to send an appropriate response to various cases, including rape, a suicide threat and a road traffic collision.

He was only caught after a woman complained to a family friend about the service, who happened to work at the same Command. He has since been dismissed after an investigation into the complaint.
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Talk Talk chief executive Dido Harding says group is ready to listen to its customers
August 28, 2011 - By Andrew Cave, The Telegraph

In August, 2011 Talk Talk received a record £3m fine from Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, for "breaching consumer rules".

The company has been accused of being "rude and aggressive, charged for services that hadn't been supplied and didn't return customers' calls".

The company has invested £25m into providing new equipment for their call centres.
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Why BSkyB is slow to pick up… then keep you on hold
August 21, 2011 - By Paul Hutcheon, Herald Scotland

An investigation into three BSkyB call centres in Scotland has found that a bonus-scheme operates, which could cause employees to loose out financially if a Sky customer cancels their package.

The bonus system has led to poor customer service, with calls being cancelled and dodged so that the employee can potentially add £200 to their pay packet.

The employees are faced with displinary procedures if they do not meet their targets. BSkyB declined to comment on the matter.
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British Gas fined £2.5m over complaint handling
July 27, 2011 - By BBC News

The energy regulator, Ofgem, has fined British Gas £2.5m for the way they handled customer complaints.

The company was particularly criticised for the way it handled the complaints from it's small buiness customers.

British Gas have made a £4m investment into its service for 'micro-business customers' and admitted the service wasn't up to standard for these customers.
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Managing telephone verbal abuse
By the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

The HSE have given guidance on how to manage 'telephone verbal abuse'.

Verbal abuse is included under the definition of work-related violence and employers have a duty of care towards their employees to minimise the risk of this.

The HSE make you aware that there could be health risks associated with verbal abuse (or the fear of abuse) including anxiety leading to "stress-related ill health".
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Verbal abuse - Wikipedia
By Wikipedia

Wikipedia entry, giving an explanation as to what verbal abuse means.
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