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Freight truck drivers are on the thieves Christmas present list
December 02, 2011 - By Handy Shipping

As Christmas deliveries are at their greatest amount, drivers carrying the goods are being warned by Truckpol to be extra vigilent.

They cite an example of theft by diversion, which occured last December where a HGV driver was flagged down by two men wearing high-visibility jackets who encouraged the driver to leave his cab before restraining him and stealing his load.

Vehicles and their drivers are most vulnerable when parked in unlit and isolated areas. Truckpol are urging drivers to report anything they think is suspicious.
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Three men who stole 388,000 ordered to hand over 602
July 16, 2011 - By This is Staffordshire

Three men stole a lorry, which had over 300,000 worth of electrical goods on board.

One of the men worked for a logistics company, so he used his existing knowledge of the industry and distracted security guards in order to gain access to the lorry.

The three men are now serving a combined total of 10 years in prison and have so far paid back 602. However, the judge has ruled that "the door has been left open" for them to pay back more at a later date.
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Thieves steal sweets from lorry in Hoddesdon
February 02, 2011 - By Gemma Gardner, Hertfordshire Mercury

Two men flagged down a lorry in the Hoddesdon area and stole thousands of pounds worth of confectionary items.

They duped the driver into stopping, stating that they needed to unload the vehicle there.

The confectionary was then unloaded into another waiting vehicle.
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KNDL sharpens security after theft by deception
June 08, 2010 - By Joanna Bourke, Road Transport

KN Drinks Logistics (KNDL) has had a substantial amount of alcohol, including Kronenbourg and Strongbow cases, stolen from one of their lorries in the Manchester area.

The load was stolen by a thief alleging to work for a sub-contractor, who subsequently unloaded the alcohol into another vehicle.

KNDL has increased security across its network by insisting those who unload and load vehicles have substantial photographic ID and they have put more CCTV in place.
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TruckPol Latest Alerts and Appeals
By Truckpol

Truckpol is part of the ACPO Vehicle Crime and Intelligence Service within the UK.

The website holds details of crimes relating to lorries and the logistics and distribution industries.
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Social Engineering (Security) - Diversion Theft
By Wikipedia

Wikipedia entry, giving an explanation as to what diversion theft means.
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