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Observational Skills
observational skills border Do you think you have good observational skills? Do you think you take notice of the details happening around you?
Well take our short observation tests to see if you do...

There are three areas to this test, each looking at different ways to be observant. The theme of this test follows a fictional robbery and different ways in which you can be observant to assist as a witness for a robbery. The three sections account for a percentage of your overall scores. The first two sections are worth 25% each and section three is worth 50%.

You will be tested on how well your answers match to what is being shown. Your results will be posted on the site, so see if you can beat the top score! Your score will only be registered the first time you do the test and only your name will appear on the league table but feel free to do the test as many times as you like. There is also an opt-out option if you do not want your name registered for the top 10 quickest times (this is located at the bottom of this page). The tests will be changed on a fortnightly basis so come back and see if your scores improve!