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Rioting is 'airbrushed' from official crime statistics as most trouble-hit areas record a DROP in violent crime
January 20, 2012 - By Jack Doyle and Graham Smith, The Daily Mail

Official figures from the Home Office relating to crime in the UK have faced opposition due to how the summer riots were recorded.

These statistics also found that pickpocketing increased by 'double figures' in the last year, which is the 'biggest increase in nearly a decade'.

The most common items thieves targeted were 'smartphones, bags and cash'.
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Fraudsters turn to debit and credit card snatching
October 05, 2011 - By BBC News

Police have said that thieves are resorting to 'basic card snatching'.

The thieves are stealing cards when the owners are not looking in shops and at cash machines and they are also trying to trick people into revealing their pin codes.

The Police have warned that criminals are also using telephones and emails to pretend to be from the Police or a Bank in order to get the victim to reveal their bank details. Banks or the Police will never do this so be wary of any calls or emails which do.
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Riots raise fears for London 2012 security
August 09, 2011 - By David Bond, BBC Sport

There are fears that the scenes from the London riots, could seriously damage the reputation and image of Britain in the lead up to the Olympic Games.

When a major sporting event occurs, the country it is being hosted in is placed under great scrutiny by the rest of the world whilst trying to maintain that it is ready to host the event.

The Police have said that they will be learning from what happened during the riots for use during the Olympics.
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Tube scam gang steals card details from rail ticket machines
March 01, 2011 - By London Evening Standard

Fraudsters are targeting London commuters by inserting skimming devices into station ticket machines.

The skimming device 'captures card numbers' rather than retaining the entire card.

It is thought that the card details obtained from the skimming device are being sold abroad for fraudsters to make fake cards.
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By the Metropolitan Police

The Metropolitan Police provide advice and information for tourists in how to remain safe when visiting London.

Advice is provided in order to maintain your safety when out in London and also when in your hotel.

Information is also given as to the laws in the UK relating to weapons and drugs.
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Safety and Security
By Transport for London

Transport for London provide a specific guide to travelling around London.

Information and advice is provided on various topics, including women and young people, as well as advice on travelling at night.

How to report a crime or incident is also provided.
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Cash machine fraud skimming
By Wikipedia

Wikipedia entry, giving an explanation as to what cash machine fraud (skimming) means.
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By Wikipedia

Wikipedia entry, giving an explanation as to what pickpocketing means.
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