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The Robbery Response course has been developed to assist in the prevention of robbery and minimise the risk of personal injury during a robbery situation.

Robbery is a serious crime, it is when a person takes something from you with the use of force or the threat of violence, this may be in the street, a public area, at a place of work or even at home.

A robbery can occur at any location that handles valuables or cash, or wherever a robber perceives that he may gain maximum reward with minimum risk.

Every individual is likely to react in a different way and there are many factors that can determine the outcome of the robbery.  During a robbery an individuals actions and reactions are key; in to stay safe they must co-operate, but more importantly they must be sure that the robber knows that they are co-operating.

  • During the robbery
  • How to respond
  • Stay safe
  • Co-operation
  • Communication
  • After the robbery
  • Prevention

It is recommended that staff members at all levels are actively encouraged to participate in this training course.