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Recession and job security fears see UK stress rise
January 23, 2012 - By Roland Gribben, The Telegraph

Kenexa High Performance Institute has conducted a study that has shown from a '6 nation league table' comprising of India, China, the US, Brazil and Germany, that the UK has seen the biggest increase in stress amongst employees.

There is an estimated 35% of UK employees who feel an 'unreasonable amount of stress at work'.

The recession is one of the major causes of stress as employees feel they 'have no control over the fate of their jobs'.
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Volkswagen turns off BlackBerry email after work hours
December 23, 2011 - By BBC News

The carmaker, Volkswagen, has restricted it's Blackberry servers to only send employee's emails between the hours of 7.00am - 6.15pm in Germany.

This movement has come about as there has been complaints from employee's that their "work and home lives were becoming blurred".

This has become a growing problem within the business industry with employee's well-being and performance being a major concern when they are availble 24/7.
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Beware the workplace whinger! Passive stress is as contagious as a cold.. and women are most at risk
November 10, 2011 - By Deborah Arthurs, The Daily Mail

A study has found that 'passive' stress and anxiety can be detrimental and contagious when these feelings are spread within a workplace.

It has been found that we can easily mimick other peoples emotions, which therefore allows us to 'absorb' others stress, which leaves us feeling the same strains.

Women are more vulnerable to this as they "tend to be more in tune with other people's feelings".
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Working from home 'exhausting'
November 09, 2011 - By Stephen Adams, The Telegraph

An American study has found that instead of finding a good work/life balance by working at home, those who do this form of working are more exhausted and stressed from "juggling both at the same time".

The study looked at those who worked 'tradional' office hours and those who worked at home and found that those who worked from home had greater demands from home and working lives as it was harder to seperate the two.

Burn-out could be more apparent for home workers as there is less seperation between being at home and completing domestic chores and completing work.
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Is it a good idea to measure stress?
July 25, 2011 - By Tom de Castella and Caroline McClathey, BBC News Magazine

Prime Minister David Cameron has asked the Office of National Statistics to "assess the well-being of the population".

Although this has faced controversy, as the definition of stress itself is difficult to determine, it is a major concern for a lot of people in their daily lives, and is still one of the main reasons why people are absent from work.

There are mixed views about whether measuring stress is useful or not, which is due to the fact stress affects people in different ways and there is no one cause of stress for all individuals.
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The £8.7bn benefits bill for dizziness, headaches, coughs and stress
July 22, 2011 - By Gerri Peev, The Daily Mails

About £215m of the £8.7bn total of benefits pay-outs in one year, was paid out to "those who complained of a severe reaction to stress".

This amount was from those who claim Incapacity Benefit and the Employment and Support Allowance.

There are 1.8m claimants of these benefits and the Government has pledged that they will only allow those who are "seriously impaired" to remain on long-term sickness benefit.
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Stress takes its toll on health in the workplace
July 20, 2011 - By the Yorkshire Post

Absences relating to stress have increased over the past year.

It has also been noted, how stress can trigger other conditions too, such as back pain and musculoskeletal disorders, indicating more importance needs to be placed on preventing stress from occurring.

Also, more attention needs to be placed on the effects one person’s stress can have on others, as when one person is absent from work, others need to pick up their workload, which creates added pressure and stress for them.
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Mum’s stress is passed on to baby in the womb
July 19, 2011 - By Michelle Roberts, BBC News

German researchers have found that the stress a mother feels may be passed on to their baby in their womb and that this stress may have "a lasting affect".

If a mother is highly stressed then their baby may not be able to cope with stress as well themselves in later life as biological change in the a receptor for stress hormones happens in the womb.

For this level of stress to affect an unborn baby in this way, the levels would have to be highly exceptional such as having a violent partner, rather than general day-to-day stresses.
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Is stress good for you?
June 16, 2011 - By Tom de Castella, BBC News Magazine

It has been argued that stress is actually good for us as "it keeps our mind agile, makes us feel good about ourselves and helps us live longer".

We have adapted over the years to be able to handle stress, and that also, it has gone from those who are poorer, working more hours, to presently those who are richer such as bankers and lawyers, working the most hours.

However, it is believed that this is true in those who are in more senior positions who have control over what they do and feel a sense of worth with what they are doing rather those lower down in an organisation who do not feel these same sensations.
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NHS - Stress
By NHS Choices

Being under too much emotional or mental pressure is what causes stress.

Although stress is not an illness, it can cause you major problems if you do not recognise and deal with the symptoms of stress at an early stage.

The symptoms of stress can be unique to the individual, there is no particular set that indicates stress.
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BBC Health – Managing Stress
By Tracy Turner, BBC Health

A small amount of stress is not necessarily a negative thing, it can be motivational to be able to cope with situations. It is when this stress becomes too much that it can have a negative effect.

You need to be able to notice your own personal triggers of stress to be able to cope with it.

Stress may be something, which we need to confront head on rather than hiding away from it, so as to improve ourselves and increase our own well-being.
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Bupa - Work-related stress
By Bupa's Health Information Team

Bupa provide a fact sheet relating to work-related stress; such as explaining the symptoms and causes of this stress.

You shouldn't be afraid to talk to someone such as your occupational health department or your GP if you think you are suffering from work-related stress.

Bupa also recommend "self-help" treatments for stress. For example, talking to someone you trust about how you feel or reflecting at the end of the day on what you have achieved rather than what you have not achieved or need to do.
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Stress Management
By Wikipedia

Wikipedia entry, giving an explanation as to what stress management means.
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Stress (Biology)
By Wikipedia

Wikipedia entry, giving an explanation as to what stress means.
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