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Sir Richard Branson urges change to drugs law
January 24, 2012 - By BBC News

Sir Richard Branson has urged the government to start treating drugs misuse as a "health issue" in a bid to cut addictions and deaths from Aids.

Sir Richard, 'who is a commissioner for the Global Commission on Drug Policy' has said that the UK should use a similar system to Portugal, which helps drug users rather than sending them to prison.

The Home Office who deals with crime, has however said that it has "no intention of liberalising our drugs laws".
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Drug-driving road side tests 'on the way' says government
December 22, 2011 - By Jim Reed, Newsbeat, BBC News

There have been calls for the UK Government to introduce roadside saliva tests so Police can detect drugs within drivers.

These types of tests are used in France and Germany but the law in the UK at the moment means that "Police have to prove that a drug has actually made a suspect unfit to drive".

Police in the UK only use breathalysers to test for alcohol at the roadside even though drugs are thought to have contributed to "250 fatal accidents a year in the UK".
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Amy Winehouse inquest records verdict of misadventure
October 26, 2011 - By Caroline Davies, The Guardian

27-year-old, Amy Winehouse died from alcohol poisoning it has been found after she was found dead at her home in Camden, London.

She was found to be "more than five-times over the legal drink-drive limit" and police found three empty bottles of vodka in her room.

Winehouse began drinking alcohol more after quitting her drug habit and was taking medication "to cope with alcohol withdrawl and anxiety".
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Southampton cocaine haul ‘is UK’s biggest’
August 03, 2011 - By BBC News

The UK Border Agency has found cocaine, with an estimated worth of £300m, within a luxury yacht, docked in Southampton.

The yacht named the Louise, came to the attention of French officials whilst it was in the Caribbean and then it was traced to Southampton.

When in the UK, UK Border officials spent 6 days aboard the yacht looking for drugs, when finally 1.2 tonnes of cocaine was located within a secret compartment.
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Alcoholic liver disease taking its toll on the young
August 01, 2011 - By Richard Bilton, BBC News Panorama

The Department of Health has found that the UK's fifth biggest killer is liver disease and that also over the past 10 years, alcoholic liver disease has risen by half in under-30s.

Government figures suggest that "a quarter of the adult population are thought to be drinking too much alcohol".

Although alcohol consumption is overall decreasing, in the last decade "alcohol-related hospital admissions have doubled", putting strain on the NHS.
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Fewer teenagers drinking alcohol
July 28, 2011 - By BBC News

A survey of school-aged children by the NHS Information Centre has found that there are fewer drinking, taking drugs and smoking.

The survey included children from 246 schools in England.

Also, the level of those school-aged children who thought that "drinking and drunkenness is acceptable" has also decreased.
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Why do some people become addicts?
July 25, 2011 - By BBC News

The death of the singer Amy Winehouse has re-ignited the issue of addiction.

Amy Winehouse's addiction to drink and drugs was well publicised and people naturally associate these substances with addiction but the NHS states that a person can "become addicted to anything, from gambling to chocolate".

The dependence on a substance always starts with exposure to it, which gradually increases in need over time.
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Lady Gaga says she regrets using cocaine in the past
July 20, 2011 - By BBC News - Newsbeat

A US radio show has been the platform by which, Lady Gaga revealed how she used to "take cocaine alone in her apartment".

She also revealed to the radio DJ, Howard Stern, she has also used cannabis and that she never used them with other people.

The singer has said that this was something she did in the past and has urged her fans not to participate in the use of drugs.
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Pink Floyd guitarist’s son Charlie Gilmore jailed for drug fuelled rampage
July 15, 2011 - By Martin Evans, The Telegraph

Pink Floyd's Dave Gilmore's son, Charlie Gilmore has been jailed for 16-months after admitting to violent disorder during the student protests in London, December 2010.

Charlie Gilmore was seen hanging from a Union Jack flag on the Cenotaph and he also jumped on the bonnet of a Jaguar car, which was part of a royal convoy, that was transporting the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall to the London Palladium for the Royal Variety Performance.

Gilmore was a Cambridge University undergraduate, who had taken valium and LSD on the day of the protests. He has since apologised for his behaviour.
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Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe reveals he has given up drinking after a long battle with alcohol
July 05, 2011 - By Ben Todd, The Daily Mail

Daniel Radcliffe has revealed how he has given up alcohol since August 2010 after he became "so reliant" on it.

He says he tried to "live a famous person's lifestyle" after becoming a child star from starring in the Harry Potter film series, which led to him becoming "complacent" with his acting.

The now teetotal actor has said he now prefers "quiet nights in to the partying lifestyle".
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NHS - Drug misuse
By NHS Choices

The NHS gives a guide to the misuse of drugs by providing information for those using drugs and to also their family and friends.

Advice is giving as to where to get help if you are using drugs such as by providing details to find your nearest NHS drug addiction support service and by using the Talk to Frank service to find information.

Advice is also given for the family of a drug user as to what they can do to help the user and also where to find support for themselves.
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BBC - Addictions
By BBC Health

This BBC guide to addictions provides various information so as to combat the misconceptions about addiction within the UK.

Explanation is given as to why people become addicts and how they become dependent on a substance.

Explanation is also given as to some of the more common substances and behaviours people can become addicted to such as gambling and ecstasy.
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Substance Abuse
By Wikipedia

Wikipedia entry, giving an explanation as to what substance abuse means.
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