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Four men admit London Stock Exchange bomb plot
February 01, 2012 - By BBC News

Undercover surveillance by the Police and MI5 has led to the arrest of four men who plotted to set off a bomb at the London Stock Exchange.

Nine men in total have been arrested in connection with the plot, with four being charged with "engaging in conduct in preparation for acts of terrorism" and the other five "guilty of other terrorism offences".

Undercover anti-terror Police stopped the plot before any dates could be confirmed. The men met "through their membership of various radical groups" and planned various terrorists plots "in the run up to Christmas 2010".
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Women are better at parking than men, study suggests
January 29, 2012 - By Murray Wardrop, The Telegraph

Covert surveillance in NCP car parks has found that women are better than men at parking as they are more likely to park their vehicles in the middle of a parking bay, even though it takes them longer to actually park.

The research looked at 7 key components of parking over a one month period of 2,500 drivers.

Men are more confident in parking overall but were more impatient, which caused them to miss more spaces than women and to be less inclined to reposition their cars once in a space.
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Phone hacking: News of the World jounalists lied to Milly Dowler Police
January 23, 2012 - By David Leigh, The Guardian

A report by Surrey Police, who were investigating the disappearance of Milly Dowler has shown how reporters from the News of the World interfered with the investigation and hacked into her mobile phone voicemail.

The reporters at the paper failed to tell Police, or Milly's family, that they had recordings of the voicemails, which made them believe she was still alive, and instead tried to get a story from them.

The paper found a voicemail, which they thought was Milly registering for an employment agency in the north of England, which turned out was a misdialled number from the agency.
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London 2012: Fourth arrest over Spurs spy claims
January 18, 2012 - By BBC News

West Ham United and the Olympic Park Legacy Company (OLPC) claim that information was unlawfully gathered about them during the bid for the football club to move into the Olympic stadium after the 2012 games.

Metropolitan Police have arrested a fourth suspect who is alleged to have spied on officals on behalf of Tottenham Hotspur, who was also bidding to move into the Olympic stadium.

Spurs deny the allegations and as it stands the Government has "announced the stadium would instead remain in public ownership", which will be rented rather than having the stadium remaining empty.
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Big Brother alert over surge in 'citizen spies' as thousands more volunteer to snoop on neighbours
November 12, 2011 - By Lucy Ballinger and Louise Eccles, The Daily Mail

Various councils are asking residents to become volunteers to report 'environmental crime' such as dropping litter and dog fouling.

The volunteers are asked to gather evidence using either their own mobile phone (with phone cards offered to cover the costs) or "through hand-held GPS computers", which are given to them.

There has been a 17% increase in those who are taking part in the last two years but critics have warned that this will create an unpleasant, 'Big Brother' style culture, "where prying on neighbours is considered the norm".
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By Wikipedia

Wikipedia entry, giving an explanation as to what surveillance means.
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